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House Restumping

An often overlooked aspect of being a homeowner, house restumping or house reblocking is a process through which the stumps a house stands upon are replaced, often required as a result of soil movement or as wooden stumps begin to rot due to moisture. The need for house restumping becomes apparent through wall cracks, both interior and exterior, bowing floors and misaligning windows and doors. The expert team at Wayne Marshall Restumping Services can make short work of restumping your home in a range of materials with a minimum of disturbance to your daily, while leaving your budget intact.

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House Raising

House raising, also known as house lifting, is the process of separating and raising a building from its foundations for either relocation or renovation, house raising is a common practice in areas prone to flooding, but is also routinely done to add a new floor to a house. So if you and your family are running out of room, there’s no need to move, get in touch with Wayne Marshall Restumping Services today.

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House Levelling

As buildings age it is common for the ground beneath the structure to shift and settle, often causing unlevel floors, cracking floors and reducing the structural integrity of your home. Tackle the issue before it becomes too late; call the team from Wayne Marshall Restumping Services to find out more about levelling your home today.

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Foundation Repairs

Older buildings often have a charm that can’t be replicated, but an aging structure can often come with their own set of issues and challenges, including compromised foundations. No matter the cause; whether through shifting substrate, moisture and more, Wayne Marshall Restumping Services is there to help sure up your homes foundations in a range of materials to suit the application.

Want to know more about the services and pricing from Wayne Marshall Restumping Services? Don’t delay, get in touch with our team today on 0434 751 485.

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